6 October 2016

NEWS: Give the best piggyback ever thanks to this gadget

Be the Daddymobile!

If you have kids, you'll know of the daily problem with piggybacks. Apart from straining your back and slipping the occasional disk, the real danger lies in what your child uses to hold on to. Will it be a clump of hair he or she tears out today, or maybe even an entire ear? Well, fret no more, as the Piggyback Driver Helmet is here... sort of.

Designed to give your kids something else to hold on to during a piggyback, the helmet has been designed by Party New York and was demonstrated at the New York Maker Faire. However, the model isn't currently in production, and we can kind of see why. Would you seriously wear one of those out in public, just to give you kid something to do whilst sitting on you shoulders?

Actually, we sure as hell would!

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