7 October 2016

NEWS: Bad breath? Mint lets you know

Oi, stinky!

From time to time, we all suffer from bad breath. Be it due to an overabundance of onions in that curry you had last night, or because of poor oral hygiene, bad breath can be really embarrassing. The breathing-into-your-palm-and-sniffing-it trick hardly works, so how do you know when you could do with a mint? Easy, just ask Mint.

Mint, by Breathometer, is a connected smart gadget that works in conjunction with an app. You breath into it, the sensors analyse the bacteria in your breath (the cause of the bad smell), and the data is sent to your smartphone so you can see the results. If bacteria is high, you can then suck on a mint to help mask the smell.

But it is actually more helpful than that, as Mint can also monitor the conditions in your mouth and let you know if a trip to the dentists is in order. Sometimes bad breath can't be helped by changing your diet or sucking on a Polo, and the device could help highlight the likes of gum disease and tooth decay.

Find out more at www.breathometer.com/mint/

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