5 October 2016

REVIEW: AeroBed Luxury Raised Double Air Bed

No sofa for you.

This time last year we went camping and wrote about all the stuff we took. It was, with hindsight, a really stupid thing to do, as it was frickin' freezing. However, the one saving grace of the ill-advised autumn camping trip was the airbed we had – a rather snazzy model from AeroBed with two separate chambers and a cordless rechargeable pump. However, our belief that that particular product was as good as air beds get has recently been shattered after we tried the AeroBed Luxury Raised Double Air Bed. Here is what we made of it.

At this time of year your thoughts might be shifting to the festive season and all the hassle that entails. First of all, not only do you have to consider getting family members presents, but you might also have to put them up for a night or two. If you're short on space, what do you do? Offer them the sofa and the floor, right? Wrong.

The AeroBed Luxury Raised Double Air Bed is basically a bed that deflates. Seriously, once up and with sheets and duvet on it, you might not be able to tell that you're about to sleep on an inflatable. It is twice or maybe even three times taller than a standard air bed, raising itself up to the height of a normal bed at over 50cm. So yeah... this one might not be for the tent.

The bed also self-inflates – this time without the need for an extra pump gadget. Simply plug it in, grab the wired remote, and inflate it until you find your desired firmness. The pump is built-in to the side of the bed, and all the wires are a permanent fixture, so you'll never lose anything you require to 'get it up'. Tee hee.

Because the on/off switch is on a remote, you – or your guests – can therefore get onto the bed when it is nearly fully inflated and adjust the firmness by actually laying there and feeling the comfort. No more jabbing at the surface of the air bed with your finger and thinking 'that'll do' only to discover at 3am, when you've still not fallen asleep, that you really ought to have given it another twenty seconds or so.

Inflated, the AeroBed Luxury Raised Double Air Bed can hold up to 204kg of weight, so even your “pleasantly plump” auntie and uncle can stay over, without you have to worry about hearing a loud explosion in the middle of the night, followed by screams of pain and shock. PVC is used throughout with good effect, and the top surface is flocked to make it even softer and anti-slip. So your auntie won't slip.

Sleeping on it is something you really have to try. By far the most comfortable and supportive air bed we've ever had the pleasure of staying on well into the early afternoon (for the professional purposes of this review, obviously), the AeroBed Luxury Raised Double Air Bed will be both a welcoming sight for your guests this winter, and also for you should you fancy camping out in the living room for a more luxurious “Netflix and chill” evening.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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