7 September 2016

REVIEW: Case Logic Larimer Rolltop Backpack

Rock 'n' Roll(top).

As the summer ends and autumn kicks in, we find that we tend to carry more stuff about with us. Jumpers, waterproof jackets, external batteries (because gadgets drain quicker in cold weather, right?), and coffee flasks – all of which require a decent bag in which to lug them about. To that end we've dipped our toes back into Case Logic lake to check out another from their latest range. We review the Case Logic Larimer Rolltop Backpack.

A good day bag with a decent amount of storage space, the first thing that struck us about the Case Logic Larimer Rolltop was the colour choices. It comes in two 'flavours', with both having a distinctly late 80s-early 90s taste. In fact, the one we were sent (which is admittedly the darker, more subtle of the two) reminded us of backpacks we had in school as kids.

Still, that is where the comparisons with our awkward childhoods end, as the Larimer is kitted out to aid the modern urban person stow their gadgets and devices safely, while also having room for the essential jumpers, waterproof jackets, external batteries, and coffee flasks.

First up, on the front there is a zipped pocket, just below where the roll top closure begins. It is the only external pocket on the bag, so perfect for your wallet, keys and quick-grab bits and bobs. However, to get full access to it, you first need to unclip the rolltop's strap, which we found to be a bit fiddly.

Although the softer, thinner rolltop fabric (the whole bag is polyester, but the rolling bit isn't padded like the rest) seals with a Velcro strip before you roll it up, you need the strap to pin it all down and keep it secure. The strap is adjustable, which means that you could fill the main compartment far fuller than you might imagine, because you simple don't roll the top down as much to make more space. Adjust the strap to make it longer, throw it over the top, then clip it through the plastic buckle. We would have preferred some side clips (as with the Over-board Pro-Vis Backpack), but this way definitely looks more stylish.

On the inside the main compartment features a good and chunky padded laptop compartment, good for computers of up to 15 inches, and also a tablet sleeve for slates up to ten inches. There is also a mesh pocket on the inside front which closes with a zip, good for spare change, flash drives, wires and cables. And then that's it – the rest is just space. Space that is surrounded by some 80s game show backdrop patterns!

And that's it, really. In use we found it was great to be able to stow a lot more in the main hold than we thought we could, thanks to that adjustable rolltop. The total size makes the Case Logic Larimer Rolltop Backpack an ideal everyday carry, especially if you're not taking all that much and love the look of the unique closure. For photographers, with bulky cameras and small lenses, flashes, and memory cards... maybe not. For someone who just needs their laptop close by and bit of extra room... definitely.

Around £35

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