7 September 2016

NEWS: Samsung's new 'flip' phone leaked

Mother flipper...

According to leaked photos, Samsung's latest foray into the world of nostalgia, the new Galaxy Folder, might be available in the US and Europe soon. Although the company's previous go at a retro-styled 'flip' phone was released only in Korea, it is thought that this version will be widely available.

Believed to possess a quad-core Snapdragon processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 3.8 inch screen (apparently with a pretty low 480 x 800 resolution), the Galaxy Folder will flip open like the clam shell phones of old (ah, happy days!) and feature a traditional numerical keypad on the lower half.

Check out the leaked images:

What do you think? Weird, awesome, pointlessly archaic? Whatever you think, it seems that Samsung believe there is a market big enough to sustain this type of device, so perhaps one day soon we will see people walking around ending phone conversations with that dramatic snap of the clam shell closing.

God, we miss that.

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