8 September 2016

NEWS: SunnyBAG Leaf+; the backpack with a solar panel

Go camping... but keep tweeting!

If the prospect of a long camping trip into nature fills you with dread (if your phone goes flat, how will your Twitter followers find out about your iPhone 7 opinions!?!), fret no more. The Leaf+, from Austrian company SunnyBAG, could help as it features a fully flexible solar panel.

Currently seeking backing on good old Kickstarter, the Leaf+ is unique in that it combines two separate kinds of solar photo-voltaic technologies; rigid sunpower panels, and amorphous silicon in the middle - the bendy bit. It can be clipped onto a backpack for charging your phone while you trek, or attached to a tent to soak up rays and charge the onboard 4000 mAh battery. Fully juiced, that battery can charge your phone twice, and it comes with both a Micro USB and Apple Lightning connector.

So although it isn't the first solar panel-packing bag on the market, it seems like it will be the most versatile and powerful. Although there is still a month left to run on the funding campaign, the Leaf+ is quickly approaching their target, so back it today to secure yours by the end of the year.

Find out more here.

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