28 September 2016

REVIEW: Aldi Cycling Specialbuy Range

Wrapped up on two wheels.

We're back with another look at an Aldi Specialbuy Range after a bumper selection of goodies landed on our doormat. Although we've reviewed a few ranges from the supermarket aimed at cyclists before, this range is definitely geared (cycling joke #1!) toward cold weather biking. Which is appropriate. Because it's just turned bloody chilly, eh? Let's take a look shall we?

The range is one of Aldi's largest, featuring over 60 exceptionally competitively priced items for everyday cyclists. The vast majority is clothing intended to keep you warm as you pedal to work in the cold winter mornings, with a few other useful bits and bobs.

The range, which goes live online and in stores from 29th September, includes... a Performance Cycling Jersey (£29.99), a Performance Cycling Jacket (£29.99), Heavy Duty Overshoes (£14.99), a pair of Waterproof Socks (£12.99), Waterproof Lobster Gloves (£7.99), an Insulating Cycling Jacket (£19.99), Aluminium COB Bike Light (£12.99), Reflective Bands (£1.99), a Bike Helmet Light (£2.99), Bike Maintenance Spray (£1.99) Muc-Off cleaners (£3.99), and many many more things. In terms of the standard big tickets items, there is the Garmin Edge 810 Bike Computer (£179.99), and the Fluid Turbo Trainer (£69.99) for keeping you cycling when the weather is much too inclement.

Aldi were kind enough to bung us a bunch of stuff, being the keen cyclists that we are, so here is what they sent us:

Performance Cycling Jersey. 

Thin and breathable, this jersey has a snug fit and helps transfer moisture away from the skin. There are flatlock seams, a YKK zip on the front, a dropped back (so as not to show off your pants to the cars behind you), and anti-slip tape around the edges. We found it was perfect for an Autumn ride, as although it is long-sleeved and fully-enclosed, it is thin enough to keep you cool when you start to heat up.

Performance Cycling Jacket.

Thicker and far warmer, this cycling jacket features fleece padding, wind and rain protection, and open pockets at the back. On, this feels a lot more like an outer garment than the jersey, and fits a little looser. It also feels a lot more comfortable, and protects far better against harsh chilly winds. It's mostly polyester, but feels nice and soft to the touch. Worn over just a t-shirt, it provided enough insulation to keep us warm on a cold morning cycle.

Performance Bib Tights.

Steady on, ladies - these are pretty sexy. We've never worn any bib tights before, but by God we will from now on. The stretchy garment, with spandex, is essentially a pair of tights with built-in braces, but they also feature a seatpad with gel insert. Although at first we genuinely thought we just looked like tits in it, when combined with one of the above jackets, the ensemble is pretty decent. The tights feature specially designed knee sections to facilitate bend, and also fleece panels to keep you warm. Like we said, sexy!

Waterproof Lobster Gloves

We'd also never tried lobster cycling gloves. These are mittens with just a single finger divide down the middle, making it look a bit like you are Mr Zoidberg under there. However, the 3M Thinsulate insulation does feature individual finger compartments inside, meaning your hands will be snug and cosy, while also being able to squeeze the brakes and gears.

Muc-Off Cleaning Kit

We had some Muc-Off stuff from Aldi a couple of years ago, and loved it back then. A wide range of cleaning bits and bob are up for grabs, including Protect and Shine, all-purpose cleaning spray, and also gear oil. Muc-Off changed our opinion that taking a bicycle ride in the rain is as good as a proper wash.

Front and Rear LED Bike Lights

No matter how warm, waterproof, and greased-up you are, you'll still get killed by an idiot motorist if he can't see you on the dark winter roads. We're big advocates of the more lights, the merrier here, and this pair are an absolute steal at less than a tenner. They're bright, seem very sturdily made, and attach with a stretchy rubber catch, so you can strap 'em just about anywhere you fancy. Buy several pairs and be seen on the roads, bitches!

A great and varied range to keep your two wheels spinning this winter, all the products are available in Aldi stores from 29th September, and also at www.aldi.co.uk 

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