29 September 2016

NEWS: Kano launches three new kits on Kickstarter

Kan do.

We reviewed the Kano last year, the Raspberry Pi-powered computer kit that kids can build themselves, and then learn how to code. We loved it, as well as the Screen Kit that we also tested. Now the company is back with three new kits to build and programme, this time offering a camera, speaker, and pixel board.

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter (where, at time of press, they were already half way there after just three days), the three kits give kids the chance to physically build a gadget, before mastering how to control it. The new products actually seem far less intimidating than the Kano main kit itself, as the emphasis is very much on making real world things happen as a direct result of coding.

We're excited to get out hands on the kits (especially the camera), so to back them go to www.kickstarter.com

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