1 August 2016

REVIEW: X-Doria Lux & 360 iPhone cases

Back on the case.

If you have an iPhone, you'll know that keeping it protected is the key to... well, keeping it for longer than a month! If that screen repair set you back almost as much as the phone did in the first place, perhaps it's time to invest in a decent case – and we have two from mobile protection specialists X-Doria.

We've looked at an X-Doria case before, the Defense H2O, and we were pretty impressed by both the tough specs and the good looks. X-Doria have been kind enough to furnish us with a couple more from their Defense line, the Lux and the 360; both with interesting features and unique aesthetics.

X-Doria Defense Lux

The Lux lux pretty awesome, geddit? Anyway, this is a full-on case designed to protect against the worst kind of drops. Designed to protect your iPhone from falls of up to two metres (that's about head height and a bit more), the case comes in two parts. First up is the softer rubber inner section, into which you squeeze your phone, and secondly on goes the hard aluminium frame.

The frame, which fastens with an actual chunky clip, is what provides the most protection to the edges, and has that luxurious machined metal feel. It features a gap to access your ringer silence switch, but raised rocker buttons for your volume controls. The back of the inner section also has a leather-like texture, making it a great combination of grip and slide – ideal for sliding it out of your pocket, but still being able to hold it in your hand.


X-Doria Defense 360

Whereas the Lux was all about tough and showy bravado, the 360 doesn't want you know it's even there. This case, which as the name suggests protects your iPhone all the way around by including a screen protector, is completely transparent, allowing the natural shape of the phone to show through.

What makes this case unique over other transparent cases is that the screen guard is hard. The 360 doesn't employ a floppy screen protector as with many other cases, but rather a tough 1mm think shell, which also allows the users to continue to use the touch screen. It feels quite odd at first to do so, as the case feels slightly different than the iPhone's actual screen, but it's great to have something there that will totally protect against cracks and scratches. Oh, and it just clips on, easy as pie.


Find out more about both of these iPhone cases, as well as the rest of their range, at xdorialife.com

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