2 August 2016

NEWS: Amazon patents noise-cancelling headphones... with a twist

Block out the world. Well, parts of it.

According to a patent awarded to Amazon on 19th July, the everything company are potentially looking to develop some very special headphones. Noise-cancelling technology is well know, and we've a had a play with a few pairs in the past, but Amazon's idea is to make them safe.

Although great at blocking out the sounds of your daily commute, or just for hearing your music in the best possible, uninterrupted way, noise-cancelling headphones can leave you a little distracted and isolated. You'll miss important announcements on the train, and if somebody shouts, "look out for that car!" while you're walking down the street wearing them, well... you're probably going to die.

The patent that Amazon has won seems to involve programming the headphones to listen out for a key phrase, such as "Oi Chris!". If it hears that, it will dip the volume and bring you back into the real world. They could also be set to respond to the chimes of a public transport announcements, or even car horns, keeping you safe and still involved with the world around you.

What they'll look like, we don't know, but we're guessing something sleek and black. Still, a protected patent is not a product, and it could be years before they are actually in production.

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