1 August 2016

NEWS: Ripchair 3.0: the off-road wheelchair


Think of a wheelchair user, and you might not automatically imagine a person who explores the outback all that much. However, that might change once you hear about the Ripchair 3.0, a wheelchair with muscle.

The Ripchair features a 27 horsepower engine and tank tracks so that the user, who may or may not have the use of their legs, can sit back, hit the throttle, and go where they might not have previously been able. The suspension on the tracks allows the vehicle to tackle any kind of terrain, while keeping the driver safe within a roll cage. They just roll up the in-built ramp in their regular wheelchair, lock in, and they're good to go. Check out this painfully American video about it:

Makers Howe & Howe Technologies say they will even modify the Ripchair 3.0 to each customer's requests, fitting storage pods and even gun racks. Yes, now even disabled people can stalk, and mercilessly murder, innocent animals. Huzzah!

If you're interested to find our more about it, visit www.howeandhowe.com

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