30 August 2016

REVIEW: QiStone+ Wireless Charger

The Stone Age.

A few months ago we reviewed a whole load of interesting phone cases. One of the bunch that caught our eyes was the iQi PWRcase from Fonesalesman; a wireless charging case with optional charging base. It seems that Fonesalesman do a lot more than cases, as we discovered while testing the innovative QiStone+ Wireless Charger.

You all know about portable power packs, right? We sure as Hell do as we've reviewed a tonne of the useful little blighters. Well, imagine if you could have a portable battery like that, but not have to carry about a wire to plug it into your phone. That's how the QiStone+ Wireless Charger works, as it can give over it's power wirelessly.

You charge it up via a USB cable as normal, then whenever you need to juice up your phone, you simply place it on top of the QiStone+ Wireless Charger. This all depends on if your phone supports wireless charging, but Fonesalesman also sale a bunch of accessories to help those without the capability (they also sent us the UniQi; a small wire that plugs into your USB-C port and then sits between the phone and the phone's case to pick up wireless power signals).

What is truly unique about the QiStone+ Wireless Charger however, is that not only can you charge something wirelessly, but you can also plug something in using one of the two lengths of USB cables included. So two devices charging at once.

Also, the QiStone+ Wireless Charger can be charged wirelessly itself, either from another QiStone+, or any number of wireless charging pads, like the Woodpuck Bamboo we reviewed in the link above. Theoretically, you could therefore charge QiStone+ on a QiStone+ while it is being charged from another QiStone+, which itself is being charged from a QiStone+. And on and on and on. At which point it would all essentially look like a rockery.

On that note the device both looks and feels great, with a speckled textured body. To switch it on to charge (or just to check the power indicator LEDs), you tap the Fonesaleman logo, while the rear USB ports come with push-in covers to keep the design as smooth and as stone-like as possible. Inside there is a 4000mAh battery which, for a large screen phone, will give you a couple of complete charges (or indeed a charge each to the two phones you can connect at once).

Coming with a sweet little carry pouch, this is truly a portable battery. If you have a newer phone which already supports wireless charging, you're away without a hitch. However, if your phone is a tad older, or a model that doesn't come with Qi charging capabilities, there are lot of ways to enable it. Check out Fonesalesman's website.


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