31 August 2016

NEWS: Amazon Dash Buttons now in the UK

Dash and grab.

Amazon's Dash service, which uses small, WiFi connected buttons to instantly order top-ups of certain products, is now being rolled out in the UK. Wow, thanks Amazon. You've made it even easier to shop with you. You're awesome!

The Dash Buttons, which are available only to Prime customers, will cost £4.99 each to buy. However, each comes with a built-in saving of £4.99 off your first order, so they are essentially free. Designed to be stuck around the home near to where that particular product resides, when you're running low on something (washing detergent, toothpaste, Red Bull (!) etc.) you simply press the button and an order is automatically placed to arrive the next day.

This all sounds very convenient, but pressing the Dash button is essentially a blind purchase. As Amazon prices tend to fluctuate (and aren't necessarily the cheapest on the net) you could end up spending a hell of a lot more with the store. Oh wait, that was the idea all along. D'oh!

Still, this could be super handy for coffee, and, if we are to believe the above image, Nerf darts too. 'Oh no, I'm running low on darts and my team are getting shot to shit. Quick press the Dash button!'

Wonders never cease. 

Find out which UK products will be included, at www.amazon.co.uk 

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