30 August 2016

NEWS: Sorry racing drivers, we don't need you anymore

That'll save a bit of cash.

It seems that self-driving cars won't only be making an appearance on our roads and streets; they could soon be dashing around the race track. Pictured above is DevBot, an autonomous speedster created by British company Roborace (which is probably one of the most exciting names for a company, ever) which was recently shown off at Donington.

Although the car has a seat for a human driver and a windscreen and possible a cup holder, the car really doesn't need any of that to hit top speeds around the track. It is set to appear at the 2016/17 Formula E Championships.

We've seen exciting drone racing before, but cars that take care of themselves around the track? Mmm...? To be fair, it will make the sport completely safe and a lot cheaper, but the question is this: who will squirt the champagne bottle over everyone at the end of the race? They just don't think, do they?

Find out more here: www.roborace.com

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