14 August 2016

NEWS: Smart gun only fires if you have an implant

Trigger happy.

You don't need us to tell you that the gun laws in the US are... strange, to say the least. Being able to walk into a store, show your driving license, and walk out with a fully automatic assault rifle is an odd and quite frankly terrifying concept - but this new innovation could go toward making gun ownership safer.

Developed by Amal Graafsta of Grindhouse Wetware, is the Smart gun; a weapon that will only fire when handled by someone with an RFID implant in their hand. When picked up, the gun recognises the presence of the implant and unlocks the trigger, enabling the weapon to fire. Pick it up without the implant, and the trigger remains locked in place.

Amal recently demonstrated the technology to Motherboard:

Although you might not think that many of the people in the US who own, and are actively enthusiastic about, guns would run down to Walmart to get a chip put into their hands, RFID implants like this could have implications for the police and military. Weapons that are lost or stolen, be it while on the beat, or in combat in the Middle East, could be claimed and reused by criminals and enemy combatants. Without the correct embedded chips, however, the stolen gun is essentially useless and can't be used to hurt other people.

Interesting stuff, and a real-world use of bio-hacking. Check out more about the project at www.grindhousewetware.com

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