15 August 2016

NEWS: The levitating wireless phone charger

Float ‘n’ charge.

Charging your phone is a pretty boring procedure, right? Sure, wireless charging has made it slightly less tedious, as there is no need to fiddle about with the end of a wire. But how about wireless AND contactless charging, while also projecting you far into the future where things can levitate? Welcome to OvRcharge.

On Kickstarter right now, with just a few days left and having already smashed its initial funding goal, OvRcharge is a wireless phone charger that also levitates your device, causing it spin like something on display in the Mos Eisley Cantina. Developed by Canadian company AR Designs, the OvRcharge uses a fairly simple wireless charging system in conjunction with a special case that your phone needs to don to receive the juice. The base then uses magnets to levitate the phone, holding it aloft a couple inches from the wooden base, causing it to turn slowly.

Much simpler than it appears to be, this is a cool little quirk of combining two established technologies. It will definitely act as a great conversation piece on your desk in the office, so back it today while you still can, here.

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