13 August 2016

REVIEW: Lékué Ice Lolly Moulds

Ice, ice, baby...

Woo wee, it's hot. Hell yeah, it is. To counter the welcome, yet rare, warm weather we're currently experiencing, you need something cool and refreshing, right? You could keep popping down to the corner shop to buy some ice lollies, but that would be horrendously expensive and you'd look like some kind of weirdo. Instead, simply make your own – and we've found a great range of lolly moulds to cool off with this summer. We check out a few from Lékué.

Lékué do a huge range of food moulds, but we were sent three different lolly kinds to try out:

Stackable Ice Lolly Moulds

A fresh take on the traditional popsicle moulds, they use a silicone base with a transparent plastic top and plastic stick that slides into the mould. As each mould freezes the juice while laying flat, you can stack several on top of the other, saving space in the fridge. Getting the actual lolly out of the mould is also much easier because of this, as you simply pull off the lid, press out the popsicle by bending the silicone, then slide out the stick. No need to run the mould under warm water, and no tugging away to get it free.

£3.90 each, or £12.90 for four

Collapsible Ice Cream Mould

As you might not be making your own ice lollies every month of the year (Merry Christmas! Fancy a lolly?), storing those moulds can be a bit of a pain in the bum. Fortunately Lékué also sent us one of their collapsible moulds, which as well as making a single large lolly, also folds in on itself to store neat and tidy. Again, a silicone body is used, so when it comes to removing the lolly itself, you simply stretch back the material and peel it out.

£3.90 each, or £12.90 for four

Frozen Fruit Mould

To get the kids to eat more fresh fruit, freeze it! Mixing chunks of fruit with juice, milk, or yogurt makes for a tasty and colourful pop, and this mould makes it easy to do just that. It is a rigid kind of plastic, unlike the flexible silicone versions, so getting the treat out of there once frozen is a little trickier, but the stiffness means you can really squash a lot of fruit in there. It also means you can use it to chop out disks of things like melon and pineapple to freeze instantly. Nice.

£3.90 each

The great thing about each of the Lékué moulds is that they come with recipe suggestions and instructions, so you'll be inspired to make more than the standard 'pour in juice, wait for it to freeze' lollies. We had fun experimenting with chopped up fruit and different kinds of yogurt. Needless to say the summer heat has been a lot easier to deal with!

Check out Lékué's full range at www.lekue.com

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