31 July 2016

REVIEW: Aldi Kids' Tepee

Tepee or not to tepee: that is the question.

If you are parent with a child under 18, you'll know that this time of the year can be... trying. With the school summer holidays in full swing now, there is a chance that the wee darlings are beginning to get under your feet a tad. To ensure they are kept well and truly occupied, get yourself down to Aldi, as from the 4th August their Garden Play Specialbuy range will hit stores and online, filled with fun things for the kids to enjoy. We were sent one of the highlights of the range, the Kids' Tepee. Here's what we thought...

Weighing in as the priciest item in the Garden Play range (which also includes scooters, RC cars, balls, and games) , the Tepee comes in two styles and three colours; a blue polka dot (which is what we were sent) and chevrons in grey or pink. The whole thing comes as one single piece of canvas, with nothing to assemble other than the four poles, which come in eight parts, connected by plastic tubes. It took us about three minutes to put up.

To get an idea of scale, the base is 1.1 metre square, while the total height is about a metre and a half. This means no more than a couple of wee sprogs can fit in there at one time, and it definitely isn't suitable for adults (although one us did sit cross-legged in there for quite some time, making vaguely offensive Native American Indian sounds. Idiot).

One side of the assembled tepee features a door, with two tie-fastening closures, while on the rear side there is an open 'window', complete with window frame cross sections. Because of that hole (and the general gap in the top where the poles pop out) this isn't suitable for wet or windy conditions, and is definitely more of a summer toy. Hence the release right now.

Like we said, it's a very quick thing to erect (don't laugh) and you'll definitely get faster at it once you've done it a couple of times (don't laugh). As you can see from the above shot, you need to thread the included rope in and out of the canvas, and in and out of the poles...

...which also feed in through elasticated straps on the inside, keeping it all firmly together. Also, packing it up is as simple as grabbing the whole thing in one go, untying the knot on top, and pulling out the poles. Easy-peasy. This is handy thing to have around for the summer, for the kids to quickly get into and make a den.


Available from 4th August from Aldi stores, and at www.aldi.co.uk 

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