21 July 2016

REVIEW: De'longhi Dinamica Bean-to-cup Coffee Machine

Dynamic coffee.

If you love 'real' coffee as much as we do, you'll love every single grinder, pourer, boiler, espresso machine, and milk frother that you own. But... sometimes you can't be bothered, can you? If the mess and the fuss of making a proper coffee is beginning to 'grind' on you (tee hee) perhaps it's time to make the switch to a machine that does it all. We review the De'longhi Dinamica Bean-to-cup Coffee Machine.

We've reviewed bean-to-cup machines before, but never one quite so advanced as this one. In a nutshell, a bean-to-cup requires you simply to pour in your favourite coffee beans, keep the water reservoir topped up... and that's it. It will grind the beans, heat the water, froth the milk (or at least this one will), and serve your beverage ready to drink. It will also neatly store all the spent grounds, allowing you throw them away when convenient. Basically, to make your morning brew you won't have to touch anything other than a button.

On that note, the De'longhi Dinamica Bean-to-cup Coffee Machine uses a digital selection system. To select your drink you either press one of the pre-installed choices on the front (espresso, Americano, latte etc.) then pop your cup under the height adjustable spout. However, you can also select a drink from the internal memory, where additional choices can be applied (such as the oh-so important ability to double up that espresso – because there really shouldn't be such a thing as a single espresso).

But there's more. You can also programme those selections even further to create your own My Menu sub-menu, where each coffee recipe has been fiddled with to get it right for you every time. Like your cappuccino to have a weaker strength espresso shot in it, while having extra foamy milk? It's all possible.

Which is great if you're fussy – or indeed if you're migrating to the machine from doing everything manually. The De'longhi Dinamica Bean-to-cup Coffee Machine lets you tailor those drinks to get them just how you're used to having them from more traditional methods. If you're in a hurry, or if you generally hate the mess of standard espresso machines, this is perfect.

Oh, and should you have a favourite brand of pre-ground coffee, there is still a choice for you. Instead of loading in your beans (into the top compartment where you'll also find the grind-adjust dial) you simple pour a single scoop down a separate slot and the machine does all the rest. Getting the milk right is also a no-brainer, as the knob on the front of the removable milk unit (it acts like a water spout without it engaged) is easy to understand.

And at the end of the day, it makes great coffee. The ability to adjust the level of grind applied to the beans is inspired (because it does make a huge difference to the taste), and we love that the water and waste is stored in front loading (and pretty well hidden) compartments, meaning it will fit in well amongst your other kitchen kitchens.

Good coffee, good looks, no mess. Winner.


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