21 July 2016

NEWS: Explore the Great Fire of London in Minecraft

Burn, baby!

Mojang's Minecraft is capable of so much; from giving us the chance to play a quick game alone, or building an expansive world with hundreds of other users. Working in collaboration with Minecraft artist Adam Clarke, Blockworks, and YouTuber Dragoz, The Museum of London has created a online recreation of London in 1666 - during The Great Fire.

Released on 29th July, the online map will allow Minecraft users to explore the city as it was back then, just prior to the huge fire breaking out. There will be audio samples dotted about where you can learn more about the capital city in the 17th century, and then, following an update in September, the map will change to feature the raging fire itself, and you'll get the chance to rescue Londoners from the blaze.


And again, following a change at the start of next year, the fire will be put out and users will be able to rebuild the whole city from the ashes, using the actual plans drawn up by the likes of Christopher Wren.

Find out more at http://www.museumoflondon.org.uk/museum-london 

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