22 July 2016

NEWS: This production drone can hit 70mph!

Yep, motorway speeds.

You might hear in the news about super-fast drones being developed, either for racing or for commercial use. But you hardly ever hear about one that you can actually buy that than go just as fast as your car on the motorway. That is way Teal is so interesting.

This mass-market multi-rotor is available for pre-order right now, and boasts some impressive specs. Obviously being able to reach speeds of up 70mph is pretty impressive, but Teal also features a 4K camera and NVIDIA's Tegra TX1 processor. The drone's battery will give you 20 minutes of flight, while the transmitter has a range of two miles. All in all, a pretty meaty package.

Teal starts shipping from 15th August, and the whole thing will only set you back a grand. We know, but 70mph!

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