30 July 2016

NEWS: See what your dog sees, with PawsCam

Paws for thought...

Dogs; if you have to leave yours at home while you're out at work, you might wonder what they get up to. Sure, you could use a WiFi camera setup in your house to see them scurrying about, but wouldn't it be so much better if you could actually see what they can see? That's the idea behind PawsCam.

Currently seeking backing on Indiegogo, PawsCam is a wearable for your dog that features a camera, and also a bunch of other tech. First up, the 480p camera footage is uploaded to the cloud, so you can dip in and see what's happening live, or check out your pooch's 'highlights' at the end of the day.

Uniquely, only 'interesting' incidents are recorded by the camera, so there won't be a need to look through eight hours of footage to see if anything YouTube-worthy took place that day. Oh, and the battery can last up to ten days, which is pretty impressive, as well as it being bite proof. Phew.

If you think your dog is routinely getting dressed into your clothes while you're out, this could be for you. Back the project here

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