1 July 2016

NEWS: Furbies are back, and they're creepier than ever

Me love you. Long time...

If you owned a Furby in the 90s, you'll know just how disturbing and creepy they were. Constant little chirps and grammatically incorrect phrases ruined an entire generation of children's minds. And they're back, baby!

The new Furby Connect is capable of more things than ever before, coming packed with 1000 phrases and capable of telling it's child keeper (or victim) what songs are currently trending. It connects to Hasbro's Furby Connect app to do things a traditional Tamagotchi could, like eat and poo. Brilliant.

But we think the real major improvement over previous Furby models, is the inclusion of a little sleep mask, pictured above. To get the damn thing to shut up you simply pull on the mask and your furry friends goes to sleep. So no more having to rip the batteries out, or throw it out of your bedroom window each night.

The Furby Connect is currently available for pre-order at Amazon for $99.

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