1 July 2016


The easy way to fly.

Chopper time again folks, and this time it's almost as if we've given ourselves the day off. Usually when we review a quadcopter or drone we like to spend a bit of time with it, practising the controls, and making sure she don't totally wreck it prior to writing the review. However, the Syma X5HC boasts some very clever self-hovering technology, which means taking to the skies was the easiest thing ever.

Measuring just 33cm across, the quadcopter from Syma is very obviously styled after a DJI product. But, unlike most other cheaper toy drones that ape the company's style, the Syma X5HC actually does something you would only expect to find on an aircraft that is so much more expensive; it can self-hover.

This means that the throttle stick on the controller, which is normally loose to allow you to keep the right amount of pressure on at all times, is set to the centre position. To raise and lower the drone you simple push up or pull down, and the X5HC will automatically adjust it's height and stay there... just about.

Check out our video (and be sure to notch it up to full HD):

Seriously, we're so impressed with this! We're not joking when we say that it is the easiest drone we've ever tested. Granted it was windy, and it didn't seem to be overly quick, but the self-hovering capability was incredible at keeping it steady, making it perfect for snapping pictures and recording footage.

On that note, the camera; the 'HD' camera was okay, and certainly better than we were expecting (in fact it was comparable to that of the Micro Drone 3.0's). Syma also kindly throw in a 2GB Micro SD Card, which, due to the 8 minute battery life, is plenty big enough.

Obviously, if you're looking to buy your first drone, this is perfect. You'll learn everything you need to know about quad flying before moving up to tango with the bigger boys. But even if you're a drone pro and already fly GPS-controlled Phantoms, this is still a tonne of fun, and thanks to the included rotor guards (which we never bothered with) it is safe to use indoors. We can't recommend it more.


Available from www.gearbest.com

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