11 June 2016

REVIEW: STM Haven Backpack

Your safe Haven.

Carrying all your kit around safely each and every day is of paramount importance – especially when that kit cost you a lot of money. We've always urged you to invest in a decent backpack or messenger bag, particularly for those of you who have to lug around an expensive laptop for work or play. Well here we are doing in again, but this time with a bag that will not only see your stuff stowed safely, but will also keep it all charged, while keeping you cool. We review the new STM Haven Backpack.

This laptop backpack is designed to carry computers no bigger than about 16 inches diagonally, with the usual internal pockets for a tablet, phone, sunglasses, and all the bits and bobs you have to carry around. With 20 litres of capacity the Haven is definitely aimed at those of us who have a more predictable load to carry around, and less those who may suddenly find themselves having to stow a week's worth of food on their back.

So what's in it for the tech-laden commuter? Well, the Haven Backpack is riddled with small highlighted holes that lead into the various sections and pockets, as well as three plastic wire tidies. A portable power pack (which isn't included) can be placed in the external side pocket, while a USB cable can be threaded through the access ports to reach two different pockets; one for your tablet and another for your phone. This means that you can charge your tech while walking around or sitting on the train; all while knowing that your portable battery isn't scratching up against your phone, or that your bag isn't a mess of tangled wires.

So, if you have a portable charger (and if you don't, get one right now) you never have to worry about your devices going flat while travelling between plug sockets. But the neat and tidy charging solution isn't the only great thing about the STM Haven Backpack that tech-savvy types will like. Using their 'slingtech' protection method, STM have built a system that keeps your laptop safe through a combination of concealed corner padding and suspension slings. The very rear compartment, that which is pressed up against your back as you wear the bag, is completely surrounded by padding and the whole laptop part is risen up away from the 'floor' of the bag, to reduce the risk of damage if you drop it or set it down too roughly.

Speaking of your back – it can get a bit sweaty while wearing a backpack for while, can't it? Again STM have come up with an extremely comfortable solution in the air channel. The wide and deep gap between the two sections of foam core cushioning allows air to flow across your back while wearing the Haven bag. This makes it easier and more comfortable to wear it for longer on warmer days.

Comfortable on, plenty of storage, innovative charging solutions, and lots of peace of mind protection for your tech – this is another great backpack from STM. Check it out.

Around £80

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