12 June 2016

NEWS: Lenovo's bendable phones revealed

Bend it like Lenovo.

If you own, or are thinking of buying, a smartwatch, it seems you're heading down the wrong technological path, our friend. Recently shown off is Lenovo's range of bendable mobile gadgets, included the CPlus (pictured above); an Android phone that can wrap around your wrist.

Although the models displayed at Lenovo Tech World were very much works-in-progress, those in attendance got the chance to try the device on and use the fully flexible touch screen to navigate Android just like a normal phone. Once in production the CPlus will ship in two sizes and in 12 different colours.

Also seen was a range of tablets that fold down the middle just like a book, allowing users to go from widescreen media viewing, to portrait document reading. Again, nothing is set in stone as to when these bendy marvels will be available, but the news has clearly given Samsung a kick up the arse; just a day after they announced that their own range of bendable devices was "just around the corner."

Watch this space.

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