11 June 2016

NEWS: EHang 184 starting manned test flight

Ride your own drone home.

Sure, Back to the Future 2 might have been a bit off with it's predictions about flying cars by 2015, but it seems that we all could soon be flying to and from work in our own single-seater autonomous drone. The EHang 184, a personal VTOL aircraft, is starting manned test flights this year, bringing the dream of a production model that little bit closer.

Designed to cover short to medium distances autonomously (meaning you don't actually fly it; it flies itself) the EHang 184 features four multi-rotor motors and can hoist one person and their baggage. The Chinese company is now in talks with Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems to work out where the test flights will take place and when, although it is hoped someone will flying about in the 184 by the end of the year.

Check this out:

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