13 June 2016

REVIEW: Native Union TAG Cable

TAG, you’re it…

If you’re on the move a lot, be it commuting to work or travelling internationally, it’s always good to carry a charging cable for your phone. However, those things can get tangled, easily lost, and also look pretty scruffy stuffed into the bottom of your bag – never mind the damaged the USB connectors can receive from being unprotected. Fortunately we’ve found an everyday carry cable that not only looks awesome, but is also protected from wear and tear. We review the Native Union TAG Cable.

This is basically a very nice looking Lightning to USB cable for modern Apple iPhone and iPad models. The wire itself is quite short at just 20 cm, but this isn’t designed for regular on-your-phone-while-plugged-in at bed time use. Bound into a loop, and finished with the protective leather clochette, you simply attach it to your bag or carry case… and then forget about it, until you need it.

From the outside the TAG Cable looks just like a leather bag tag, and because Native Union have made both black and tan versions, you’ll be sure to get one that blends in. When you need to juice up your phone, you simply slide up the clochette, plug the Lightning connector into your iPhone and the USB into the nearest socket. Hey presto, you’re charging.

The Native Union TAG Cable will therefore eliminate the need to have a loose wire rattling around in your bag, and also make it easy to access one. For travellers who are required to have a charged – not flat – phone or iPad to board a plane to the US (as we described in this Comment article), they can quickly and easily get some power, without having to unpack a bag to find the cable.

In terms of aesthetics, the TAG is pretty simple and beautiful. Made from genuine Italian leather and hand-made with reinforced braided nylon, it feels very strong and tough, while still retaining a good amount of flexibility. Both colours look great, the charge (and sync!) works well, and it solves a fiddly problem we’ve all had to deal with.


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