13 June 2016

NEWS: Yes, you do need a smart rubber duck

Quick! Duck!

The Internet of Things is turning out to be a fascinating and useful thing, connecting our most used appliances and gadgets together to improve our lives and keep us safe. Which is exactly why you need Edwin the Duck; the world’s first smart rubber ducky.

Edwin might look like an ordinary rubber duck, but hold on there; he’s actually packed full of very important technology that you definitely need to own. For a start, Edwin is a bobbing wireless thermometer, so he’ll tell you how hot the bath is before you dunk in junior, direct to your phone running the Edwin app. But wait, there’s more. He also doubles as a floating, completely waterproof Bluetooth speaker, so kids can bop away in the water to their favourite tunes (just don’t let them grab your phone with soapy hands to change the track!).

Edwin can be used out of the bath, too. He can be used to bring a playful character on the app to life, as well as serving as a night-light and also to sing lullabies. Yes, once the kids are clean from the bath and ready for bed, he’ll keep working to keep them happy.

It’s a bold statement, but Edwin the Duck is surely the very pinnacle of human technological endeavour. Check him out here.

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