14 June 2016

REVIEW: Mio Fuse

Mio and me.

Let’s be honest; activity trackers can often be a pain in the arse. If you’re busy fiddling with one, rather than concentrating on your workout, you’re going to end up massively distracted and not get the best possible exercise. Plus, the little ones you slip in your pocket can easily get lost, and if you find the larger wrist-bound tracers aren’t fully charged, synced, and reset, you might be put off from going for a run at all. What we’ve always wanted was an activity tracker that was just there and ready to go all the time. We’re pretty sure we’ve found it in the Mio Fuse.

The Mio Fuse is a watch-style tracker that is designed to be worn all the time, even at night. Like most other bits of kit like this it can count your steps, distance, calories burnt, and keep the time. However, the Mio Fuse steps it up a notch by incorporating a heart rate monitor and also sleep tracking.

The physical unit is quite pretty, boasting a low profile from the wrist and a nice and flexible band. That band fastens with a traditional watch strap buckle, which is brilliant. Many other trackers of this size and price rely purely on press stud fasteners, which make us feel nervous that they’ll pop open at any given moment. The Fuse feels secure at all times and it even features press studs itself… but simply to lock the excess strap into place so there is nothing to catch on your clothing.

There are just three buttons on the unit itself; two either side of the display area (it’s not a screen but rather embedded LEDs under the waterproof casing) which are used to cycle through the options like time, distance etc., and one central button which is used to start a workout and also to take a heart rate reading. All buttons are very responsive and require just a very light touch to spring to life (so light in fact, that Mio have been kind enough to allow you to programme in a screen lock function via the connected app, just so you don’t bump your wrist and start a workout accidentally).

The Mio GO app (Android and iOS) is nicely laid-out with an easy-on-the-eye black background. Syncing your Fuse to the app is done via Bluetooth, and we found it to be a very quick and simple process. The tracker can store two weeks of data, so there’s no need to transfer over the data to the app each and every day – which is nice. When you do, you’ll receive some simple charts and diagrams displaying your achievements; crucially if you've hit your daily ‘goal’, which is something you can set for each day with the likes of ‘walk 15,000 steps’.

The heart monitor works very well, and doesn't involve any additional accessories or chest straps. The green lights that shine brightly on the underside can't bee seen from the top side, or around the skin of your wrist, and the only thing you'll notice while your heart rate is being taken is the flashing blue LED by the display. All the readings we took, on several different peoples' wrists, were very accurate compared to physically feeling the person's chest and matching the heart's beats per minute. When this data is uploaded to the app it is very interesting to see where you heart rate increased in relation to the rest of the workout.

As activity trackers go, this is definitely one we like. The Mio Fuse stands out in a very crowded market due to the heart rate monitor and waterproof features, and once on it really does feels very natural and comfortable. If you're serious enough about you fitness to want to know everything the Fuse can detect, this is the tracker for you.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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