27 June 2016

REVIEW: Intempo Bluetooth Tube Speaker

Tune in.

Summer just isn't a summer without music, so in our search for a decent boom box to keep us happily entertained until the leaves begin to fall, we stumbled upon Intempo; makers of fine audio gear. Those who entered our recent competition to win one these speakers will already know that a small, compact size and a carry strap makes for a handy speaker to lug around to your various summer engagements. We review the Intempo Bluetooth Tube Speaker.

If you love music and carry your entire album collection around on your phone or iPod, a Bluetooth speaker is a must. But, as regular readers of the site will know, there are probably more Bluetooth enabled speakers on the market than there are grains of rice. So how do you choose?

During the course of our many MANY BT speaker reviews (and we've tested units that cost less than £5 and also ones more than £300) we've discovered that it is all about what you need and where you need it. If you need a speaker to chill out to at night in the living room, go bigger and heavier; if you need one to carry to parties and picnics to add a little background grooviness, go smaller and lighter. The Intempo Bluetooth Tube Speaker falls into that category.

Measuring just 25cm long, this tubular speaker boasts two 3W speakers, one at either end. Admittedly 6W isn't massive, but because the speakers face away from each other the Intempo Bluetooth Tube Speaker is actually very good and producing 'room-filling' sounds. Used outside it is perfect for localised music, but nothing too dominating that you won't be able to hear each other, and your neighbours definitely won't be complaining.

Bluetooth connection was as easy as it ever should be these days, although there is no NFC. The range is a fairly standard ten metres, and as predicted it starts to break up and lag when you approach that. Handily you can also connect via the traditional auxiliary port, and Intempo even throw in a 1.5 metre cable. High five.

The quality of the audio is very good. Everything sounded rich and deep, and there was a straight-out-of-the-box clarity to vocals that we didn't expect from something of this size. That clarity persists even at high volume levels, with only a slight amount distortion creeping in as you push the upper limit.

Speaking of the size, the Intempo Bluetooth Tube Speaker is quite unique. It isn't small enough to just drop into the bottom of your bag, nor is it big enough to permanently sit on your shelf. Intempo have kind of answered how you get it around with the inclusion of a detachable shoulder strap, allowing you to slug it over your arm. We also found it was super easy to clip it to the outside of a back pack, so if you're walking any distance to your picnic, party, or camp site, it really isn't a bother to lug around.

So for quick, easy, portable, and decent tunes this summer, you could do a lot worse than this little beauty.



Intempo are pretty awesome. How awesome? Oh, we don't know... maybe they want all the readers of this website to get a whopping 50% off anything on their website! No joke baby.

Go to www.intempo.co.uk and enter the code TESTPIT50 at the check out. Valid until the end of July 2016. Wow.

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