28 June 2016

NEWS: Google makes LEGO-like coding blocks for kids

Chip off the old blocks.

We've seen before how coding and programming is being introduced to kids at younger and younger ages (such as when we reviewed the Kano and the Tech Will Save Us DIY Gamer Kit), but now big boys Google are getting in on the action, targeting kids who have yet to learn how to read or write.

Project Bloks features small programmable units which can be set to perform certain tasks. These are then connected together, LEGO-style, in order to complete sequences that might control a robot, set an alarm off, or illuminate lights. Here's the vid:

The tactile nature of Project Bloks is what makes it truly interesting, and Google liken it to their on-screen coding language Blockly. Based on a Raspberry Pi, the system is currently under development and Google are calling out for researchers and educators to get involved. Definitely interesting.

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