27 June 2016

NEWS: Cow cartilage used in 3D printing

The technology keeps moo-ving forward.

If you thought 3D printing was only really good for making novelty items and website logos (as we did here), you're wrong baby. Scientists at Pennsylvania State University have successfully managed to 'print' cow cartilage, with exciting ramifications for healthcare. 

By growing the cartilage cells into thin tubes, they were then able to push these out of a computer-controlled nozzle, just like plastic filament coming out of a 3D printer. This can then be printed into any desired shape, and it is hoped that the technology could be developed to create spare parts for humans, such as replacements for worn joints.

This is pretty exciting, and with further research we may one day be able to take a sample of someone's DNA and then print them an entire new limb or internal organ. Need a kidney transplant? No, problem - just take a seat and we'll knock one out for you within the hour.


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