21 June 2016

REVIEW: Ferrari Fragrance iPhone Case

Spray it again, Sam.

You're a modern person, be you of the male or female persuasion, or indeed somewhere in between. You've got your iPhone in your hand constantly, because that is just how you roll. Oh, and you smell delish. Like totes delish, yeah? Why? Because you're constantly applying a top-up of your sports car branded fragrance, is why. And how do you manage that without putting your phone down and missing 15 seconds of texts, emails and dick pics over Snapchat? Because your perfume dispenser is IN your iPhone case, man. Whoa!

No joke, this is a Ferrari branded iPhone case that, instead of containing an additional battery or credit card holder as the extra bulk suggests, does in fact boast a perfume reservoir and spray dispenser. Think you're starting to smell like a human again? No worries; just lift, press, spray, and relax - you smell like a chemical shit storm once more. Phew.

Jokes aside, and indeed our feelings about the over-use of perfume and colognes, this effort from Perfume Holding is actually nicely put together. First of all, that is a pretty decent iPhone 6 case, with the clip-on edges providing a decent amount of protection. Clearly the case as been designed with perfume in mind, not protection, but it is worth mentioning nonetheless.

There are two colours to choose from; red and black. These represent the two fragrances Ferrari Red and Ferrari Black; each with their own distinct aroma. It's 'a simple case' (pun! ha!) of taking out your phone, opening the panel inside the case, then pulling out the reservoir bottle. You pop the top, pour in your perfume of choice, and then clip it back in, engaging the little pump on top. Then you're all set to spray, and because the case can hold 25ml, you should be okay for a night, or maybe a day and a half. Arf! Seriously, though - this should see you fine for an entire holiday, meaning more space in your luggage.

Fortunately the fragrance is actually included with the case, so just picking one of these up means you're all set and ready spray. Whether or not you think this pretty ridiculous, there is no debating that Perfume Holding has married two everyday items together quite successfully.


Available from www.boots.com 

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