22 June 2016

NEWS: Mark Zuckerberg tapes over his webcam

Hypocrisy thy name is... that guy's name.

After Instagram recently topped 500 million monthly users, Facebook CEO (which owns Instagram, if you didn't know) Mark Zuckerberg posted the above slightly awkward celebratory photo while sitting at his desk. First of all, does Zuck work in a second-hand furniture store, and secondly, who can spot the details on his laptop?

It would seem that the planet's greatest advocate of being as public and as open with your life as possible (as long as it's on Facebook, that is) tapes over his webcam and also somehow covers his microphone port. Several sources have confirmed that the desk does appear to be Zuck's actual work space, following a live tour of the same area a few months before.

So hey, Zuck... what do you know that we don't? Should we all be covering our webcams? Is he just paranoid about surveillance, or are Facebook working on something cheeky that Mark doesn't wish to be a part of? 

What about you? Bet you're staring at your webcam or forward-facing phone camera right now, right?

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