21 June 2016

NEWS: Airobotics are removing humans from drone operation

Better look for a different hobby.

As drone technology is increasingly being used in a number of different fields, from sports to defence, you might think gettting involved now would secure a great career. Wrong - that is if Tel Aviv start-up Airobotics have anything to say about it. The drone company is rolling about an all-in-one product to the industrial sector which features a fully autonomous UAV system.

Airobotics drop off a pod to your place of business, then give you control of how to set everything up. Whenever you need a drone to inspect the likes of stock piles, or indeed patrol a perimeter fence, the pod loads up a drone and launches it, handling everything from flying it and even inserting a fresh battery afterwards. Check out the vid:

This is actually a very good idea, especially for large businesses with lots of assets and land. As for would-be drone pilots, we can only apologise and hope you find something else to do. Like delivering these pods, perhaps?

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