30 June 2016

NEWS: With this ring, I thee...DEAD!

Shudda pudda ring on it.

How would you react to be mugged or attacked on the street? If, like us, you'd scream and surrender immediately, this odd little product might not be for you. If however you'd 'have a go' and be a hero, how about shocking your attacker with 18,000,000 volts... from a ring?

The Sting Ring Stun Gun (say that five times while drunk) is a wee little thing that sits comfortably in your palm and features a ring-like metal contact. The idea is to be able to quickly and discreetly take this in hand, undo the safety, then squeeze it to activate the stunner. On contact with your enemy an blast of 18,000,000 (yes, 18 million) volts is released, which we can imagine would make them think twice about mugging you, and also about retaining the contents of their bladder.

Fully rechargeable (and if you find yourself recharging it alongside your phone each and every night, you live in a terrible area), the Sting Ring Stun Gun can be yours for only $20 from Amazon.

Seriously, 18 million!

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