26 June 2016

NEWS: This car is the best actor in the world

A car for all occasions.

Introducing the Blackbird, a car that can appear to be any car in the world. But before you scan the picture above for signs of futuristic holographic projectors, the Blackbird achieves the transformation inside a computer.

You see, the cars that appear in new car commercials aren't always correct; read the small print that appears on screen and you see that the "model shown may not match the final product". This is because finishing touches are often added to new production models after the marketing has begun... but the Blackbird could put a stop to all that. Check this out:

This is very impressive, and will certainly allow film makers to have any car they want in their next film, but it begs the question... what cars are even there in real life? Also, when will they be able to do this with humans? It might actually improve the careers of some actors.

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