25 June 2016

REVIEW: Devolo WiFi AC Repeater

Could you repeat that?

Most homes have that awkward little spot where the WiFi is just... well... crappo. Instead of hiring a druid to come in and summon an ancient Celtic god to help improve your Netflix streaming while sitting on the toilet, just buy this. We get comfy on the bog to test the Devolo WiFi AC Repeater.

This tiny WiFi repeater from Devolo plugs directly into a spare wall socket, picks up the signal from your router, then boosts it into a new area. If you have WiFi strength issues, say, upstairs in your home, simply plug this in anywhere up there and it will increase both speed and range of your network; no extra wires, and no need for a powerline system.

Although we've reviewed WiFi repeaters in the past, we were particularly interested to check out this effort from Devolo because of its miniscule size and apparent easy set up. And boy, it was easy. All we had to do to get the thing connected to Test Pit Tower's WiFi network was hit the WPS button on both devices. In just a few moments the new stronger network was visible.

As we always have slight problems with range and speeds in one particular area of the house, we set up the Devolo WiFi AC Repeater in the upstairs hallway, one room over from the problem area. This way the Repeater itself was closer to the router to pick up the signal, yet close enough to the 'dead zone' to cover it in stronger WiFi. And it worked, excellently.

But not only is the repeater good for wireless devices, the underside Ethernet port is good for wired things too. This makes it ideal for the kids' room, as their games console of smart TVs can be wired straight into the unit, making sure they get a strong signal every time. It's basically like a running a partially invisible cable from the main router all the way to the wired device.

Unlike many other repeaters of this size and price, the Devolo WiFi AC Repeater boasts maximum streaming speeds of 1200mbps, which is up there with decent powerline systems which depend on physical wired connections. Obviously the further from the base router, and then the further from the repeater that your phone, tablet or laptop is actually connecting, the more that speed will degrade. But we really can't see even huge homes having difficulties when using this.

So this tidy little package, weighing in at a tidy little price, could be the answer to your WiFi woes. If you don't want to buy a bigger and better router, and if powerline systems don't float your boat, this is for you.


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