23 June 2016

FEATURE: Summer fun

Fun stuff for kids.

It's summer time, which invariably means that the days are longer and it's curiously warm(er) outside. Damn it if the kids haven't noticed, too! And so, as parents, you 're probably wondering what to give them to keep them busy and out of your way. Well, TTP is here once again with four fresh new products to buy your children, so as to keep them happy and entertained until you can legally dump them back onto the system come September. You're welcome...

Addo Storm Blasters

Everyone, regardless of age, HAS to get involved in a water fight at some point during the summer. However, if you're a bit worried that you can't afford the latest all-powerful water pistol and fear a drenching from the rough kids three doors down, fret not... Addo have you covered. Their Storm Blasters range of water pistols are both powerful and cheap, allowing you amass a great stockpile in case anyone declares aquatic war on you.

We were sent the three models from their range; the huge Hurricane Warrior (£10), the medium Tornado Trooper (£6), and two of the palm-pleasing Jet Streams (just £2 each!). All three feature a pump-fire system, whereby you fill it up, pump the shotgun-like grip on the underside, and the water jets out, without the use of a trigger. Fans of the modern Super Soakers will be more than familiar with this method.

Easy to fill and shoot, robust enough to take a few knocks, and absolutely cheap as chips. Good combo, that.

Harry Kane Skills Collection

Thanks to Aldi, we're very aware of the Euro '16 Championships taking place. However, ask us to name a current footballer and we'd stutter, “G-Gazza? Is he one?” Apparently we should be saying Harry Kane, as not only does he actually play football for job (imagine that – for a job! Surely they can't earn much doing that), but he also has a range of new toys out on the market. We were sent the Harry Kane Volley Blaster, and the Harry Kane Skills Ball.

The Volley Blaster is essentially a boot-shaped launcher that fires a small ball which is attached by a string (nicely wrapped around as 'laces', to be precise). Kids shoot the ball and then try to keep it up with feet and knees; like a safe and easy to reset game of keepy-uppy. As the ball is so small the Volley Blaster helps to develop accuracy, as well as making trick shots possible. £9.99.

The Skills Ball is basically the above without the launcher. Think hacky-sack with football styling. Again, the ball is designed to be used to hone soccer skills on the miniscule level, before moving up to full-sized footballs. Actually, we enjoyed playing with this more than the Volley Launcher, as it feels very pleasing in the hand and, as it is softer, it was easier to keep up than the Volley set ball. £4.99.

Available from http://www.toysrus.co.uk/


Remember when we reviewed the pTrumpet, the fully plastic trumpet? The creators are back with another fun instrument for kids, but this time with one that is a lot more simpler (and inexpensive). The pBuzz is basically a horn with a slider mechanism, so kids can give it a blow and change the note in a very easy way. Just like the pTrumpet, the pBuzz features a solid mouthpiece which can be changed, and colourful letters denoting the notes as the kids move the slider.

Whereas the pTrumpet was something of a technical marvel, it was still very much a trumpet, and therefore required a great deal of time and practice to get a decent turn out of it. The pBuzz however can be played in mere seconds, and with simple music telling the kids where to put the slider, they can play a tune in no time at all.

Tonnes of fun, the pBuzz is also very solid and tough, so even if it is used for something other than a musical instrument (like a bat, for example – speaking from experience here) it will come out in one piece. Oh, and it's only £19.99 which is pretty amazing.

BONUS: Chapelwood Wild Bird Bumble Bee Feeder

Another wee one, this time for kids who love nature. With an abundance of wildlife out there during the summer, why not try and attract a bit of it into your back garden? The Chapelwood Wild Bird Bumble Bee Feeder is a fun metal cage in the shape of a bee, which kids can stuff full of yummy stuff for our feathered friends.

BEE a good person and get your kids this, eh? And look, it's only £5.99.

Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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