23 June 2016

NEWS: Behold the world's largest Nerf gun

There's Nerf-ing to it.

Big fans of Nerf, we're always keeping an eye out for the company's latest blasters and products. So we're a bit sad to hear that the "world's largest Nerf gun" won't actually be going on sale (or be available to review). That said, its probably for the best, as the blaster in question can oliterate water melons, shatter plate glass, and launch giant darts further than 100 metres! We'd kill someone, probably.

Designed for former-NASA engineer (best thing to be a former of) Mark Rober, who worked on the Mars Rover project, the huge scale replica of a Nerf gun was built with help from Ryan and David from Electrical Engineering and features a 3000psi paintball air cylinder. Check it out:

Although pretty cool, and a great engineering feat, what Mark has essentially done is create a lethal weapon for a giant. You fool, Mark! Perhaps that is why he's a former NASA employee - he was equipping our alien overlords with weapons of mass destruction.

Still, cool blaster.

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