24 June 2016

NEWS: Cheer up - this robot dog will do the dishes

At least the robots will survive.

Today might go down in history as the day the Right-wing racists took power in Britain, but at least the future (which will be filled with war and desolation, for sure) will also feature dish-washing robotic dogs. Remember the creepy Atlas humanoid robot we reported on back in February? Well inventors Boston Dynamics have done it again with the SpotMini, an equally creepy robot dog.

Christ, just look at it. At east Atlas was weird because it was so human-like, whereas this thing is part dog, part skeletal dinosaur. The shot of it marching up the stairs will potentially be the last thing many people ever see after the robotic uprising, so this video is quite scary. Sure, it's doing the dishes, but how do we know it's not cleaning up after murdering the family of that house? We don't.

Still, this is less scary than the prospect of Boris Johnson being PM. Just saying.

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