26 May 2016

REVIEW: Edifier CineSound B7

B7 for audio heaven.

Sound bars are a great way of adding extra audio oomph to your TV setup without adding too much bulk. However, what they make up in volume and clarity, they tend to lack in steer unadulterated bass. Edifier have solved that issue by combining a soundbar with an unapologetically powerful subwoofer. We test the Edifier CineSound B7.

Contained inside the Edifier CineSound B7 packaging (which is L-shaped! Well, it excited us) you'll find a one-metre long slim soundbar and a chunky cube of a subwoofer. The soundbar is very similar in shape and appearance to the B3 Soundbar that we reviewed earlier in the year, but the subwoofer is a new one on us. Combined, Edifier tells us that the audio setup has 75W of power. Nice.

First up, connections. The whole system is Bluetooth-ready, meaning that not only can it be used to bolster your home theatre, but it is also very capable at having your phone or tablet stream music to it wirelessly. If you have a smart TV with Bluetooth built-in, this is probably your best bet for a connection, but the Edifier CineSound B7 also has optical, coaxial, and AUX inputs too for older tellies, or for those wanting to run wires between the two.

The B7 Soundbar (like the B3) is a thing of beauty, and probably one of the better looking Edifier products. We love the brushed metal ends, the concealed stand on the back/base, and the 'chubby-triangle' cross section. The subwoofer section isn't as aesthetically pleasing however, essentially being a wooden box covered in soft grill fabric. It clearly has been designed to be a tucked-away speaker, and putting it under an entertainment cabinet or desk is very easy due to its relatively compact dimensions.

Controlling the system is done via the included remote control; a pretty standard affair with bubble buttons. Actually getting the system going and fine-tuned is the sort of thing you'll only ever do when you want to set it up or make a drastic change, as general volume controls can be tweaked via your TV remote or phone.

So, in use... wow! We've always loved soundbars here at The Test Pit, but we've never noticed all that much about the lack of booming bass. The Edifier CineSound B7 has mastered that and then some, with both units working together seamlessly to create an audio wallop. We tried it out both wired up through our TV while watching a few 'loud' things on Netflix, and also via Bluetooth with some tunes from a tablet.

From the TV everything was crisp and clear, with an incredible level of depth and texture. Setting up a system like this will certainly give you a higher appreciation for sound editors, as even a simple scene from a sitcom sounded richer and more complicated. Over Bluetooth (standard ten metre range, simple pairing, and a strong connection throughout) all genres of music sounded great, and we could detect no difference in the quality of sound from the wired connection, nor was there any amount of lip-sync lag when watching a You Tube video.

This is a great sound system, and the perfect solution to the lack of bass associated with soundbars. Check it out.

Around £250

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