27 May 2016

NEWS: WTF? Sharp make a robot smartphone

Your new little friend.

Christ. Sharp has announced that their latest forthcoming smartphone, won't actually be a phone, but rather a fucking little robot! RoBoHon is 18cm tall, has a two inch screen on his back, can read your texts and emails, act like Siri to record reminders and search the web, and also walk around and probably scare the shit out of your dog. Check out the vid:

Holy crap. Is this seriously real? First of all, check this guy out:

Yep, he's actually using the little guy to have a conversation with someone, like in a deleted scene from Gulliver's Travels, or indeed a VERY low-budget remake of Godzilla where the monster dresses like a Japanese business man and only attacks plastic robots. Also, what was the fucking deal with this bit:

Does she love her RoBoHon so much? Are they about to have sex? There was so much in this short video that was totally crazy, and we love every single moment of it. But, if indeed Sharp bring RoBoHon to the UK, would you have one?

Should you be so inclined, visit https://robohon.com/

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