16 May 2016

REVIEW: Case Logic Kontrast DSLR Shoulder Bag

Compare and Kontrast.

So you've forked out for that ultra expensive DSLR camera to capture all your many adventures (and win over thousands of new Instagram followers, right?). One question though; do you really think that the battered old Sainsbury's carry bag you've been lugging it around in is good enough? To protect your photographic investment from knocks, bashes, and sudden downpours, you need some proper kit. We check out the Case Logic Kontrast DSLR Shoulder Bag.

This effort from Case Logic is called a shoulder bag as, unlike a back pack, you're only really going to be able to fit your camera and bits in it. The tough polyester fabric bag features a main internal compartment, as well as exterior zip-closing pockets for smaller accessories. All that, and the bottom is a super hard moulded EVA 'DuraBase', which lets you set the bag down in wet conditions without the water seeping into your kit and ruining your camera.

Over the shoulder with our kit stuffed inside, the Case Logic Kontrast DSLR Shoulder Bag is comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It has clearly been designed with the opportunist photographer in mind, as everything is set up to quickly open the bag and grab your camera and lenses. The main compartment zips smoothly open, with the flap bending away from the wearer, making it easier to both see and access everything inside. The internal padding is also a high-vis colour (light green in our 'case' – pun intended), so the likes of memory cards, lens caps and screw mounts are easy to see, even in darker situations.

The main hold utilises a hammock-like system to suspend the camera upside down. This not only helps to add impact protection (the DSLR literally rocks and wobbles free in there) but also to improve the ease of getting the cam out – achievable with a quick grab of one hand. It's also deep enough that you can keep a fairly large lens attached to the camera – aiding with the quick-fire mentality of the bag. Meanwhile, on the other side of the compartment, adjustable padded walls can be used to hold tight your other lenses or flash units – again, all very easy to grab, and all very secure.

The outside pockets are small but perfect for the likes of memory cards and caps, while the one of the front (which also features internal pockets itself) is big enough for a GorillaPod or mini tripod. That said, if you're planning to lug around a full-sized tripod or other mounts, you can always clip them to the loops on either side of the bag to which the shoulder strap attaches.

If you've got the right kit, get the right bag for it; the Case Logic Kontrast DSLR Shoulder Bag will keep your precious shooter in pristine condition, while giving you immediate access to it and everything you need to capture the action in an instant. We adore the waterproof DuraBase and the fact that the flap opens up away from you, so no mater what the weather or the time of day, you'll find your kit and get the shot.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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