17 May 2016

NEWS: Type keyboard-free with TAP

TAP dance.

How many words do you type in a day? Sure, you might not be a technology reviewer, and therefore not have to type things like this crap all day, but even if you work in... a jigsaw factory... you'll still be typing texts, emails, tweets and Facebook updates. About jigsaws, maybe? Well, if you get the forthcoming gadget TAP, prepare for all that to change.

In a nutshell (and going on what we can glean from the creators' site) TAP is a wearable bit of wireless tech that responds to the movements of your fingers and hands. By wearing it, and by 'tapping' your fingers in a set rhythm or order, you can type on your phone, tablet, or PC via Bluetooth.

This means that you don't have to touch a keyboard to type, as any surface becomes your keyboard, including - as seen in the video - your head. From what we can glean, TAP doesn't project a virtual keyboard onto which you tap your fingers, but rather instructs you in a new way to get letters out - a bit like the alphanumeric keyboards of older pre-smartphone phones (remember tapping 2 twice made a 'b', etc...). We think, anyway.

Still, this is pretty awesome, and means that you could feasibly type something anywhere and in a secretive way. In the vid we see a guy tapping away on his knee to input some words into his smartwatch, so the uses could be huge. Also, what the hell does he mean, "build a blanket fort with me"? Is that sexual innuendo?

Find out more at http://www.tapwithus.com/ 

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