16 May 2016

NEWS: Hyundai working on human exoskeleton

Get away from my Hyundai, you bitch!

Not satisfied with simply making cars, South Korea's Hyundai have, apparently, branched out into helping humans win the forthcoming war with the machines. Their prototype exoskeleton, seen here in these pictures, has been developed to help an individual lift several times their own body weight, with intended application in manufacturing and industry. But come on... imagine it with guns!

Looking like something taken directly from Aliens, or even the Tome Cruise sci-fi flick Edge of Tomorrow (in which he dies in one, over and over), the Hyundai exoskeleton features servo controlled clamps on each arm, allowing the wearer to pick up, and then lift, very heavy objects; supported by the chunky robotic legs and back.

We're assuming that tech like this will eventually find it's way into the hands of the military (watch out North Korea!) but to see something like this up and running is pretty impressive. But we're guessing we're all definitely gonna need suits like this one day, to fight this thing from Google.

Thanks Hyundai. You got our robotic backs, bruv.

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