17 May 2016

REVIEW: Diwah Design-Your-Own Jewellery

Badda bling!

The thing about jewellery is that it has all been designed by someone you've never met. Sure, you could say that about your phone, car, jeans, glasses, laptop, and love eggs, but none of those things are a true expressions of personal adornment. But before you all go out and buy a kiln or build a metal-working forge in your garden shed, there is another way to create bespoke jewellery... one that you'll (if you're anything like us) will really enjoy. We test the Diwah Design-Your-Own Jewellery website.

If you want to be able to create a bespoke piece of jewellery from the comfort of your home, put down those wire pliers, stop sieving in the river bed for gold, and look no further than Diwah. Diwah not only have a range of ready-to wear-pieces for you to choose from, but also let you go nuts yourself. With the glamour and luxury of semi-precious fashion jewellery, combined with customisation at every stage of the design, the experience can be both interactive and completely personal.

How it works: all you need to do is log on to their website and have a browse of all their semi-precious and luxe components. Fancy some Agate, or Smoky Quartz? No problem. Want a long gold chain or a short silver chain? Done!

You start by choosing from one of six templates, such a 'Princess', 'Collar' or 'Opera Cluster'. Then you choose a collection, which houses together stones and beads of a similar colour scheme or style - such as the shimmering goldstones and bright turquoises of the Boho collection, or the sultry shades of crimson and the iridescent heart charms in the Romance collection.

In each collection, there are pendants, beads and fastenings for you to customise. Once you have had a browse, you simply drag and drop the components you want to add. You can preview the finished necklace too. In three simple steps, you can make a gorgeous bespoke necklace that will truly be one of a kind.

An artisan team then take the pieces and create your dream , handmade item with skill and precision, which arrives with a hand-written note, making the whole experience from start to finish truly personal.

There are hints and tips to help you along the way, and lots of inspiring images of past designs for you to draw some ideas from. Not to mention, a member of the friendly Diwah team is always on hand to help if help is needed. If that isn't enough, the materials Diwah uses are all ethically sourced and produced here in Britain, although the collections on offer boast influences from across the world.

We decided to create something totally unique and a little bizarre. We choose a big ol' chunk of agate as the base of the necklace, then had some gold splashed around the outside edge, finished off with a gold pendant. We were kept up to date with the designers' progress as the necklace came together (via some very lovely Instagram images – thanks guys), and they even named it for us; Regal Lagoon. Makes sense, eh? And then it soon arrived.

What we weren't expecting was for it to be so big! Judging scale on a computer screen was a little tricky, and – as you can see from the pictures – our Regal Lagoon necklace is pretty conspicuous! But hey, why the hell not? Go bold or go home, say we. Anyway, the finished product is great; very well made, and very sturdy. This will clearly last a very long time, and thanks to the way the included chain is fitted, we could, if we so chose, swap that out for something else at a later date.

Fun, personal, a great service, and a stunning product (even if we do say so ourselves); Diwah Design-Your-Own Jewellery is definitely something for budding fashionistas to try.

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