28 April 2016

REVIEW: Polaroid Snap

No more shaking your photos.

Since the 1940s Polaroid has been the go-to name for instant photography, and there can't be many of us (over 30) who haven't snapped a picture on one of their older model cameras, and stood there gently shaking it for a minute while the image magically appeared. Although late to the digital photography game, in the Snap Polaroid have combined the conveniences of instant photography, with digital images saved to an SD card. Snap to it!

First up, the Snap doesn't work like the older Polaroid cameras. You have to think of this more as a digital camera with built-in mini printer. That's because your photos aren't developed like in the old days; ghostly faces appearing on the paper, prompting comments such “aww, it's blurry”, but rather printed very quickly, popping out of the side of the unit on a 2 x 3 inch photo.

Because of this, there is no need to be precious with the paper. Whereas the old Polaroid instant cameras required the paper bay to remain completely closed up and dark, with the Snap you just bung in ten sheets of the Premium ZINK no-ink paper. You can open up the back of the camera any time to check the number of shots remaining, and even do so while the picture is printing – like we said, this is a tiny hand-held printer.

The camera itself is remarkably simple. There is no screen to line up your shot, or view your saved images. Instead you get a pop up physical (or “retro” according to Polaroid) view-finder, which is also the Polaroid Snap's power button. You can then select from three colour modes (normal colour, black and white, and vintage), set a ten second timer if you wish, then tap the trigger. The 10MP sensor will click, and no more than five seconds later your print will start to emerge.

And they're really not bad. If you're looking for a perfectly exposed professional snap, this ain't it. But people haven't been buying Polaroids for the past 70 years to look professional – they buy them for quick and easy fun. The Snap carries on that legacy, with the added advantage of storing the images to a Micro SD card as well, the port for which is on the side next to the Micro USB charger. Because it's small and compact (certainly smaller than the old Polaroids) you'll be able to take this with you on a night out for instant photographic silliness.

Right now QVC are selling the Polaroid Snap (available in purple, red, black, blue and pink) with an 8GB Micro SD card and a pack of 30 Zink papers. Check it out.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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