28 April 2016

NEWS: No, THIS is a Hoverboard

Great Scott, Marty!

You know that thing with two wheels that you stand on that you got for Christmas (that definitely blew up, according to The Daily Mail)... well, that wasn't a hoverboard, you doofus. This is. Recently shown off at a glittering event in Monaco, attended by Price Albert II no less, is the ArcaBoard; an actual, real-life, no CGI used, commercially available hoverboard. Want one?

Of course you do: you saw Back to the Future 2, and you know how these things work. Trouble is, in order to secure one you'll need just over £10,000, and if you were hoping to cruise the streets on it all day, sorry... the battery lasts just six minutes.

Still, that battery is powering 36 air fans which blast out 272hp of thrust. This means that someone weighing no more than 17st will be lifted about 20 inches off the ground. The pilot then tilts in order to move forwards and backwards, and the Arcaboard boasts a top speed of around 12mph. So yeah, you'll get a mile before the battery dies. But what a bloody mile!

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